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" album of ten near-perfect, genre-shedding jams." 

-HM Magazine

"...Pariah is an intelligent account of regret, forgiveness and acceptance that transcends its surface-level components of atmospheric rock and impassioned post-harcore."

-Alternative Press Magazine

"...Glasslands' entire first album is worthy of commendation. They're really that good."

-HM Magazine

"... an enthusiastic and deeply symmetric testimony of artistic proficiency, strengthened by the confluence of a turbulent, but natural musical talent."

-Merchants of Air

"It’s thoughtful, measured, and mature in construction ."

-Mixtake Press


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Billboard Charts

  • Demons (Single) #27 Peak Christian Rock Billboard
  • Meaningless (Single) #26 Peak Christian Rock Billboard
  • Fame (Pariah) #18 Peak Christian Rock Billboard (12 Weeks)
  • Deadman (Pariah) #19 *Current Christian Rock Billboard (10 Weeks)

iTunes Charts

  • Glasslands - Pariah #36 iTunes Top 200 Chart (Russia)
  • Glasslands - Pariah #74 iTunes Top 200 Chart (Slovenia)
  • Glasslands - Pariah #70 iTunes Top 200 Chart (Austria)


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